• Innovative Mobile Application

    Innovative Mobile Application

    Conception, Development, Deployment
  • Innovative Web Application

    Innovative Web Application

    Front-end and Back-end for big data activation
  • Software Development Outsourcing

    Software Development Outsourcing

    Strategy, methodology and Deployment


For project-owners and startup companies looking for a Lead Developer, a flexible team to develop their MVP (Minimum Viable Product), or additional developers to accelerate the development of their product, we propose standard packaged offers including local project design and management, offshore / nearshore development resources, based on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model.

This model gives several advantages: directly available highly-skilled resources, managed by apptivator, with a contract where the assigned team can be transferred in a second stage to the client, becoming one of their core assets.

Web mobile application development services for startups
Web mobile application development services for enterprises


Mobile applications is become critical to a lot of Companies, either for their internal organisation optimisation, or for better customers interactions.

Web apps are also key to replace old fashion PC-based applications, or for new business needs. But not all of them have years to be spent in highly expensive development projects.

Our innovative approach, based on ready-to-use components (for faster delivery), offshore development teams for price reduction, based on strong agile methodologies for easy local management


All the apps that we develop for our customers are based on the most recent technologies, in order to ensure that they are state-of-the-art, and future-proof.

On the mobile application side, we develop, both native apps for Android and iOS, or hybrid apps using PhoneGap. Our apps are optimised with smartphone and tablet layouts, user-oriented interfaces, and powerful offline behaviour (for a use without network availability) with online data synchronisation.

On the web application side, we use the most recent front-end technologies (HTML5 / AngularJS) to deliver PC-native quality level interface, based on a NodeJS / MongoDB back-end, for high volume and big data support.



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