• Helping Tech Companies

    Helping Tech Companies

    Grow faster…
  • Business Consulting

    Business Consulting

    Business Model, Sales, Internationalization
  • Technology Consulting

    Technology Consulting

    Software and Hardware Strategy support
  • Software Development Outsourcing

    Software Development Outsourcing

    Strategy, Methodology & Resources
  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Web site and online content strategy
Business Consulting

Build the right business model. Develop a business plan. Implement a business strategy. Align product positioning with customer needs. Prepare a cohesive sales kit. Implement an internationalization strategy (technology fairs, strategic partners, direct / indirect sales, etc.).

We propose a structured and concrete approach, based on 20 years of experience in the technological sector.


Technology Consulting

The long-term success of a technological product (mobile application, SaaS solution, Internet of Things) largely depends on the technological choices and the software / hardware architecture put in place. Development languages, software architecture (micro-services, load balancing, cluster databases …), tools for support, etc.

We offer you an external look, a global approach and 20 years of experience in the development of mobile applications, SaaS applications and hardware integration, to guarantee the long-term evolution of your products.

Software Development Outsourcing

Building an effective development team increasingly involves the outsourcing of part of the developments by an outside company. The scarcity of local skills, and therefore their high cost, requires companies to mix internal developments and outsourcing. This implies the setting up of a specific organization, and specific tools.

We put at your disposal our long experience in outsourcing of software development: methodology of specifications, follow-up, provision of personnel …

Digital Marketing

An effective presence on the Internet, both through its website, and via social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube …), has become indispensable. It makes it possible to increase the reputation of the Company and its brands. It also allows to generate qualified Leads through a non-aggressive approach.

We put at your disposal an expertise in order to enable you to build an effective online strategy.



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